Asset Connect: January is Financial-Wellness Month

Financial-Wellness Month


SECURE Act Provisions

Sam Payne, RICP®, CLTC - Vice President, Business Consultant
(Asset Marketing Systems)

December 20th of 2019, President Trump signed into law the “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act” or the SECURE Act. I see this Act as an effort to make sure American Retirees have the tools available to do exactly what retirement accounts are intended to do, provide income.

Annuities, and the guaranteed income they provide, can play a pivotal role in the success of a retiree’s income plan. When Americans enter that permanent state of unemployment, called retirement, these products can and do help provide the paycheck or income needed to meet normal as well as emergency expenses…

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Are Your Clients Gambling With Their Retirement?

Josh Ver Hoeve - V.P. Annuity and Life Distribution
(Asset Marketing Systems)
January is Financial Wellness Month

In 2019, each person in the United States spent about $1,000 on the holidays, which was up from the $885 average we saw in 2018. This means that there was more than $1 trillion spent on the holidays just in the U.S. alone. Included in that spending, 33% of people spent over $1,000.

The U.S. economy is doing well! The market continues to soar to new highs over and over again, however the question remains for you and your clients - when will we see a correction or even a slowdown?

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Medical Information Bureau (MIB) – Facts and Myths

Mia Dempsey - Manager, New Business
(Asset Marketing Systems)

MIB - that ominous cloud of insurance data in the sky. Although full disclosure for each proposed insured is imperative when taking applications, there are often misconceptions about the Medical Information Bureau, and the type of information they provide to insurance carriers.

Take a moment to read the attached article: Everything You Need to Know about MIB

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Help Protect Your Clients from the "Next One"

Lexie Giusti - Sr. Marketing Consultant
(Asset Marketing Systems)

Since August 2018, the current bull market has been the longest-running in U.S. history. In addition to this incredible run, since the Great Depression, the Dow has hit multiple milestones and set record closes.

The lesson we should learn from previous market influx and downturns is: It isn’t so much about how much you’ve gained, but more importantly, it’s about protecting yourself from losing what you’ve gained…

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