Typically, we will launch ads 2.5 weeks before your campaign's first event date. We will need to have all of the information about the campaign at least one week prior to the launch date (sooner is better for our first campaign together). We will always charge a rush fee for orders placed after the order deadline, and we will prioritize the production of non-rush seminar orders. We're always happy to help in a time pinch if our schedule allows, but please be aware of the above constraints.


Here are a few best practices to follow when scheduling seminar campaigns. In the end, we will advertise for any and all events, but having done this hundreds of times, the following outlines the format of events that perform best.

Days of Week

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best nights for seminars.

Time of Day

Evenings almost always out-perform day-time events. We recommend starting between 6:00 and 7:00pm.


Neutral venues are preferred (meaning a common meeting space where no meal is served). In order of preference, here are the neutral venues we prefer: colleges, libraries, community centers. If you choose to do seminars at restaurants, we highly encourage you to do them in the evening as opposed to lunch time (dinner events are not covered by our guarantee).

Multiple Dates

If your campaign will have multiple dates on it, here are some rules of thumb. Never have more than 2 dates on any one campaign. Never have more than one venue on any one campaign. When using multiple dates in one campaign, the first event should be no further removed than one week from the last event date.


If you plan to do multiple campaigns per month, do everything you can to vary the location and subject matter of your events. If we market the same message to the same audience too frequently we will start to have ad fatigue and market saturation. This will result in decreased ad performance and increased conversion costs. For example, if you do the same seminar topic frequently, try to find 2 venues that are far enough away from each other so that you will only market to the same geographic area every other time (one North, two South -or- one East, two West). Your guarantee will be affected if you hold events at the same venue (or market) too frequently.


Each turn-key program that we offer has a standard set of demographics we will use. These include income, net worth, liquid assets and age. Talk to one of our digital marketing experts to learn more details about the campaign type you are interested in. NOTE: These demographics can be changed, but if we feel the edits you request may affect your campaign's conversion rate we may not offer our performance guarantee. Additionally, we cannot guarantee results in areas with very low populations or low population density. If there are too few people within reasonable driving distance of your chosen venue, we cannot guarantee results. Additionally, we cannot market the same event for different advisors in the same market at the same time. We recommend scheduling seminars at least 45 days apart from one another to help avoid saturation. In order to remain active in your market, we recommend scheduling seminars every 45 days. Campaigns may occur more frequently than every 45 days, but any campaign without 30 days of "cool down" time will not be guaranteed. If you wish to market more than every 45 days, you may request a secondary territory .This territory must also be on a 45 day cycle to remain active. If you are granted 2 marketing territories, you may only do two-night campaigns.


The following are some miscellaneous guidelines that may affect the performance guarantee. The venue you are using must be within the marketing territory (ideally the venue will be near the center of the territory, and in certain instances we may not guarantee campaigns if the venue is in the far boundary of the territory). The audience we define for you must be at least 15,000 people within reasonable driving distance of the seminar venue. Rush orders that are launched after the suggested launch date will not be guaranteed. If the guarantee is missed, at our discretion we may choose to not guarantee future campaigns at the same venue or in the same market. Guarantees are not effective during our blackout dates (dates near major holidays or during ecommerce season, between Thanksgiving and January 15th).


Our goal is to generate quality leads for the lowest cost possible. In addition to our work of writing ads, choosing images and building pages that convert - the structure of the campaign as it relates to the best practices above play a large role in the overall success of your campaign. We will market your event regardless of whether it meets the suggested best-practices, but please be aware that changes to the best practices will affect your campaign's performance.

Attendance & Confirmation

Without a good confirmation process in place, the attendance rate of your event could be as low as 30%. Since this is a much lower rate than is typical with direct mail marketing, we have a thorough process we recommend that you follow to confirm attendees. By following our process, you may be able to get as high as 75% attendance rate (somewhere between 50-60% attendance is average).

What we will do for you

We will send notifications to people in your office as soon as a registration is received (these notifications will come from our global brands)., You will also receive a link to a google spreadsheet roster giving you realtime access to all registrations in one place. We will send an automated email to all seminar registrants as soon as they register. We will also send an automated email reminding them of their seminar one day before and on the day of their event. Some of our turn-key programs will also send content-heavy emails to people who register further in advance of your seminar date to keep them excited about the event.

What you should do

Upon receipt of a new seminar registration, you or someone from your office should call registrants within 24 hours of when the registration is received. On this initial call, you should simply be friendly, thank them for their interest, review the date and time details of the event, and reinforce the fact that they have made a good decision to attend. If you are unable to reach them live on the phone leaving a voice message is recommended. Second, you should send a printed confirmation letter to each person who registers. Our registration process captures physical mailing addresses for 90%+ of seminar registrants. This information will be sent to you in your confirmation email and will be posted to your google spreadsheet. We will provide a template letter for you to use if you do not already have one. Finally, your office should make a reminder call to each registrant the day before their event. By following this process, you will see a measurably higher attendance rate at your event. We are happy to consult with you or your staff on this process. NOTE: Your registration notification emails will include links to template confirmation letter and call scripts as well. You may edit or change these to suit your practice and your event.

Important notes

Once the lead has been generated and we complete our automated confirmation process - the lead is fully in your hands, and there is nothing more we can do to confirm them. Please pay careful attention to the suggested confirmation process above. The live calls and physical mailers your office will deliver have a big impact on attendance rates. We will do everything we can to help through this process, but the majority of the hands-on responsibility for confirmation will lie on your ability to effectively implement this suggested process. Finally, there will always be a higher no-show rate from online registrations than through traditional direct mail. We combat this by generating leads for a lower cost, overbooking within a certain range of tolerance and coaching you on confirmation processes. Even still, please be aware that good attendance for an event is between 50-60% so plan accordingly.


Broker Dealer and RIA Compliance: You are responsible for the content of your marketing and ensuring that it is compliant. We will use our experience and best practices to make every effort to write compliant marketing content for you, but any obligations you have to get approval from your BD/RIA is your responsibility. Please plan accordingly if you need additional time to get new content compliance reviewed. Most of our distribution partners (if you were referred to us by your RIA or FMO) have already reviewed and approved our content, so be sure to let them know that your event is being marketed by Steep. Please provide us with any disclosures that need to be attached to your marketing (by default we will place this on your landing page, and it can be added to your emails upon request). We'll request this when you submit your order.

Facebook Compliance

We do our best to write ads and landing pages that follow Facebook's advertising policies. All of our pages have links to privacy policies and our external website for our global brands. In addition to this, we have other disclosures that we will use on your landing page to ensure we're complying with Facebook's ad policies.

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